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Mouth-guards in Tijuana Mexico


Mouth-guards are one of those dental items that many patients ignore, but they can save their teeth. Usually we find them in sports to protect athletes’ teeth or when doing dangerous activities. But the truth is that mouth guards have many uses besides sports. They can stop bruxism on its tracks and other conditions. Besides there are many types of them to tackle specific dental needs, and that affects its price range.

Why you need a mouth-guard?

As we stated above, the main objective of a mouth guard is to protect your teeth. If you are going to perform sports activities that may involve hard contact to your face, a mouth guard is a most. Some of the sports that need mouth-guards obligatory are boxing, mixed martial arts, American football, hockey, among others. As you can see our teeth may be sturdy and hard but they can break and chip if we are not careful enough.

Besides sports there are certain conditions for patients to use a mouth piece to protect their teeth from themselves. Many people tend to grind their teeth together consciously and unconsciously. This will wear down their tooth and eventually they lose tooth enamel, and even form. Worst case scenario it can lead to bone loss and tooth loss. This condition is known as bruxism and it can affect anyone at any age, especially adults.

Causes of Bruxism

Bruxism can be caused by lot of external factor such as stress and diseases. Maybe some discomfort on the patient’s teeth can case the urge to grind their teeth together. One way to avoid it is to practice a dental hygiene routine consistently. Brushing our teeth, using dental floss and mouthwash can help a ton to prevent most of diseases. But at the end, you will need the help from a dentist for regular checkups and cleaning.

Other internal factors can contribute to bruxism, most common one is anxiety. For those patients who tend to grind their teeth whenever they feel anxious a mouth guard can actually help them fix their problem quickly. It is important to not only visit a dentist but also psychological help. This also applies for people who tend to grind their teeth in their sleep. Regardless the cause mouth-guards are a must for stopping the grind and leave bruxism free.

Finding the perfect mout-guard

To acquire a good mouth-guard it is important to get a consultation from a dentist first. After an examination he or she will suggest the use of a specific mouth guard depending on your needs. Most importantly they can take impressions so it will be custom made at the dental lab. Keep in mind that most mouths are different and the fit its important so the mouth guard can work properly.

Comfort is another thing that comes to mind regarding mouth-guard´s fit. Patients may need to use them for long periods of time, so any discomfort can discourage them to use it for the time needed. Remember to always consult with your dentists regarding their use and hygine, and do not forget to wash them properly before use.


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