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Dental Cleaning in Tijuana Mexico


Dental care is important for our health. It helps us maintain a beautiful smile for many years and impress our peers every time we show our teeth. The secret behind a beautiful healthy smile is to clean our teeth with regular dental care at home and with visit to the dentists at least twice a year for checkup and cleaning. Many patients make the mistake of only brushing their teeth, but those visits to your dentist is where it is at. If you follow these two rules, consistent dental hygiene at home and dentist’s visits, you will have perfect teeth.

To aim for a good dental hygiene it is important to have the right tools at hand. A good toothbrush, dental floss and mouthwash cannot be missing at home. Brush your teeth after every meal, following up by flossing and finish it up with rinsing with mouthwash to keep your teeth clean and neat. Dentists recommend doing this routine at least twice a day for a good dental hygiene. However, as stated above, there is so much more than that to keep your teeth healthy.

Even doing this routine perfectly every day is not enough to avoid bacteria and plaque build up. You will need the help from a professional dentist to get a good dental cleaning to get rid of plaque, bacteria and all the things that can ruin your teeth in the long run. Because our mouth’s anatomy, food debris tend to accumulate in every corner of our teeth, including between them. Keep in mind that our toothbrush, dental floss and mouthwash cannot reach some of these difficult places.

Why get a Dental Cleaning in Dental Solutions Tijuana?

Thankfully, dentists are trained professionally to attend any dental need that we may have. Besides they possess all the right tools to do a job well done. Some of these tools include sprinklers, and other flossing devices to clean our teeth without damaging the enamel or our gums. You do not have to fear of feeling any pain, the process of a dental cleaning is painless and your will find it even relaxing. Especially after finishing and seeing your teeth clean and sparkling.

Without a good cleaning from a dentist, your teeth will crumble over time. Those spots where food debris accumulates will start to rot and cause havoc in your denture. It can lead to bad breath, cavities, and even gingivitis. The last can be really bothersome because over time it can infect your gums and can cause tooth loss. In that case you will need a deep cleaning to get rid of periodontal diseases.

Dental Cleaning vs Deep Cleaning

Regular cleaning and deep cleaning are not the same thing. A normal cleaning take less effort and time to complete, and it purpose serve to keep our teeth free from any debris, tartar or plaque. It helps us to maintain a good dental hygiene and prevent all the diseases we mentioned before. Deep cleaning is used in more extreme cases when the patient needs help to take on a periodontal disease such as gingivitis. It takes more resources like chemicals and is far more time consuming.

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